The Angus Scott Pipe Band was formed in late 1955 by a small but dedicated group and is one of the oldest continuing pipe bands in the Northwest.

The band was named in memory of Pipe Major Angus Scott of Kimberly B.C. (shown above right, circa 1940 and pictured with his brother Hamish on the left).  His enthusiasm and support for the project had much influence on the Scottish community in the Inland Empire.

The band was fortunate to have begun under the tutelage of Pipe Major Geordie Mars, formerly of Victoria, B.C.  His reputation as a teacher and piper has never been exceeded in this area.  Although P/M Mars tuned out many top-level players, his most notable student would be Pipe Major Sandy Jones, formerly of the Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina.  Prior to his 25 years at eh Citadel, Sandy was Pipe Major of the United States Air Force Pipe Band. 

P/M Mars had the band playing as a unit within the year following formation and they were soon out fund raising for uniforms and equipment.  At that time, the entire band (which had accumulated 21 members by the time of the uniform purchase) was outfitted for about $1800.00.  Hard to imagine now.  As would be expected, the band chose the “Scott” tartan, a distinguished pattern dominated by red and accented by green and white lines. 

Early 1957 found them fully outfitted.  One of their first performances was at Fairchild Air Force Base and has been a tradition ever since.

In succeeding decades, the ASPB has performed numerous functions throughout the Inland Empire and the State.  Aside from competing at various Highland Games over the past four decades, two memorable experiences were: performing at Seattle World’s Fair in 1962 and at Spokane’s own “Expo 74”.

The next year saw the formation of a Junior Pipe Band under the direction of Vi (Campbell) Wallace (formerly of Kimberly, B.C.).

The Junior Pipe Band became a “feeder” band to the ASPB and for several years kept the ASPB supplied with young and eager players.  Vi was also responsible for fostering Highland Dancing in this area, producing many top award winning dancers.  This tradition carries on to this day..

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